Go and Preach Team

About our Team

we are blessed by our go and preach team in india all this young people commetetd to work with us the left evey things and serving God, they are very much motied to wining souls, thy don’t have any reugllar support for monthly we provoed for them food and accomadation, we have been praying for them long time to support montly so that they can have something in there hand to take care there need some of them had kids and famlys, pray for them and there needs for singes and married people working wiht us, pleae pray for us and if God leads you to support this young people please let us know share with your churhcs or cell groups or our mission depermets any thigns God is leading you to for the kingdom of God. God bless you. At the moment our team has 16 full time workers. Another 40 people help us as volunteers in crusades and other events of the ministry.

Our Team in Inida is committed to work with the go and preach ministries. this brothers and sisters are reaching the peopel in different ways with there gifts Please pray for our team in India my Bother Sunil Kumar Nethal is leading the team.

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