India Ministry

Go and preach ministries is a registered organization and trust in India.

Sunil was born in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, South India. Sunil is the elder brother of Anil. In his youth he was involved in all kinds of bad things. Many people prayed for him. Especially his mother cried out to God and fasted for him. God did great changes in his life and called him for His work. He is leading 3 churches in different villages. God is using him with His Power in healing and deliverance ministry as he is preaching in different places in India.
Sunil is taking care of the Go and Preach Ministry in India, he is leading the team and is running the School of the Holy Spirit. Sunil is married and has 2 sons and 1 daughter. He traveld to Nepal, Malaysia and Singapor to preach.

We as Go and preach Ministries in India have been dedicated and focused on one thing, winning souls!

We organize seminars conferences, fasting prayers, crusades and youth meetings.

With your prayers and love, we can continue to win many people for Christ.

Tanuku Church

Pastor Sunil Kumar

Go and Preach Church Tanuku
Near GDM church, Society Rooad,
Tanuku (Pydiparru), West Godavari District,
State: Andhra Pradesh.

Our Sunday service : Morning 10 o'clock

Friday: Fasting prayer, Mornig 10 o'clock

Every 2nd week of the month Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3 days Healing and Revival meetings @ Go and Preach Church, Tanuku .

Our Branch Church

Pastor Samuel Raju and His family

Go and Preach Branch church
Go and Preach Branch church, Gudigadala baga, East Godavari Distrikt, Andhra Pradesh.

Sundays school, Morning : 9 AM

Sunday service, Morning 10 AM

Wednesday. Youth meeting 8 AM

Friday: Fasting prayer 8PM

Every month 1st Friday All night prayer: 9PM
Go and Preach Branch church
Kesanakurru, I Pola Varam Mandalam,East Godavari Distrikt, Andhra Pradesh.

Sunday service : Evening 7 PM

Pastor Samuel Raju

Our Branch Church

Pastor Anandh and His family

Go and Preach Branch church
Go and Preach Branch church,

Korukollu, West Godavari Distrikt, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Sundays school, Morning : 9 AM,
Sunday service, Morning 10 AM