Africa Misitries

In 1998 God showed Anil a vision and dreams about the Nations and Africa. In this vision Anil was preaching the Good News in Africa. From this year on, Anil started to pray for this continent. After eight years, in 2006, God opened the door to Africa. Anil's first trip was to Nigeria. There in the city of Benin, he saw God fulfilling the dream, which He has shown him for Africa.

Other trips to Nigeria, Ghana, Sudan, Ethiopia, Egypt, Malawi, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Niger, Benin, Togo, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo followed afterwards. There Anil could see God using him and healing people physically and emotionally.

Churches got encouraged and people got delivered. Anil's heart is for Africa. He likes to see revival in churches all over the continent. He likes to preach the Good News to the hopeless and broken hearted. He likes to see God's healing, deliverance and restoration for people in Africa.

Anil also preached the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ through radio programes in Africa. Many people were blessed through God's Word and by his testemony. Many people gave their lifes to Jesus.